Coach Blueprint

"Put Me In The Big Game NOW"

"Mike, I'm ready to play big and become a coach who helps people who need to know what I can teach them now! I'm ready for a Coaching, Consulting, and Information Marketing Expert like you to show me how to build my own successful and profitable coaching business, and I'm ready to receive all of the benefits you described above, including the VIP Backstage Pass to your 3 Day Event and the special "closed-door" Debriefing Days that follow it...

And because you are trying to help as many coaches as possible, all I pay right now is the discounted payment of $2,997. After 30 days, I will continue my membership at the rate of $597 a month, and can of course cancel anytime by simply notifying you...

PLUS... Since I'm covered under your 'Everybody Wins' Guarantee, I literally have nothing to lose! Sign me up now..."

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